CreativeBuzz is searching for a Creative Director for a New Brand in China who is able to ensure a high performance and productive design team. Please contact me with a personal note

About the organization

Retail Brand in China

Job description

Ensure new brand high performance and productive design team:

  • Ensure to lead with example and good judgment
  • Proper planning and work plan for teams
  • Conduct coaching and problem solving for team
  • Create team spirit and unified team which bring together team and also inspire team
  • Ensure skill building and professional development to create successful talent
  • Optimize workflow and product development process
  • Grow new brand China total sales year on year going forward Increase sales productivity, like pieces per transaction, average price point, basket size(no of pieces * average price) and conversion rate Increase sales through measure by pieces and value ,before seasonal on-sale and after seasonal on-sale

Collection planning budget:

  • Understand planned product supply (sales budgets, order versus budget, etc.)
  • Fundamental understanding of retail sales by product category, price points, product line and styles, etc.
  • Plan selling meeting dates and related seasonal collection planning for design teams work.
  • Collection planning by product category and sub-category Price matrix:
  • Certain styles developed for higher price points In-debt analysis and review of past sales Inspiration trips (buying samples, new materials, etc. learn from category “role-models”):
  • Gain more value out of travel and spend

Seasonal design process and team coaching:

  • Trend research, inspiration and reach conclusion for direction
  • Workshops for seasonal development of key product categories
  • Establish clear work plans and action calendars for each team
  • Keep deadlines and ensure collection sample ready for selling meetings
  • Work with buying team for closing selling meeting orders: online buying team & offline buying team
  • Expand categories with lower share of share of sales in retail stores & on-line
  • Focus on serving and partner with new brand China online & offline sales channels


Fulltime Job in China


Cecile Bruggink +31 (0) 6 22944926


Cecile Bruggink +31 (0) 6 22944926